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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Accident → Two Korean school girls killed in Armored Vehicle Accident

On June 13, 2002 the two 14-year-olds - Shin Hyo-sun and Shim Mi-son - were run over by an armored vehicle on a narrow road north of Seoul on their way home from school. The incident attracted national attention.

"The girls were crushed by the right track of the 54 ton tank. Sergeant Walker stopped on top of the girls, then backed the tank off..."

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2 girls killing was cover up. Nobody from US really
wanted to hear the truth, but get the boys out safely
back to US. I wonder if one of the boys or their family
had concoction to higher up because I don't think it
would be the same with other military boys
2013-01-29 23:45:00

American crime to Korea goes way back.
1. US gave Korea to Japan during WW II, Korean
people suffered & killed for 45 years.
2. US had a chance to unite Korea during Korean war,
but it wasn't the best interest for America. So Korea
has been divided until now. US claims that we were
there to help Korea, but outcome is that most of
families got separated by N & S Korea
3. US military men have been committing crimes in
Korea like rape, murder, or 2 girls killing as the
soldiers claim as an accident in this case.
If we keep doing this in oversea, the whole world will
be totally against us with hatred you can't imagine
down the road. White trash, trailer park trash with ill
superior mentality coming out of uneducated people
with barbarian mentality reaches to max. I'm sorry for
all the pain we caused globally especially to Korean
people for nearly for 100 years.
2013-01-29 23:38:34

시발 앙키쌔끼들아
아오 씨발년들아 니애미도 니낳고 좋다고 미
역국 쳐드셨대냐
2013-01-28 03:36:49

the fucker
so many people getting killed on the roads. does that mean they are stupid and deaf and it is their faults if they can't get out of the way. it was a narrow road and you can't climb on that hill. you dumbfuck
2013-01-10 16:42:44

RE: Monica
Would you apply that same logic to American citizens? When someone gets run over by a car, is it their fault for not getting out of the way?
2012-12-30 23:43:31

Asians are known for never looking into people other business, always minding their own business how can you be 14 and so stupid not hear to see a giant tank coming down the street and move only 2 foot away from it, I mean at least move up the hill until it pass its their parents fault also for not teaching teaching their kids to ALWAYS be cautious around your surrounding
2012-12-09 05:37:01

And for those who say they couldn't hear the tank
thats retarded. They heard all of them it was a
convoy of tanks they bent over and covered their
ears. If you ever been around a tank you would
know there extremely loud, especially a convoy of
2012-09-15 20:50:01

I was driving a Bradley coming from the other
direction. My platoon leader and platoon sergeant
and myself tried to help the girls but it was to late.
I grabbed my poncho and layed it over them. I can
remember it vividly but to this day not one person
has ever asked me a question about it. I feel that
this story was not told truthfully from the army's
2012-09-15 20:44:32

2012-09-07 19:06:53

I bet their are people from S.Korea sent over here
searching for my dad..... Thanks Monica
2012-08-05 06:57:34

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