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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Accident → Two Korean school girls killed in Armored Vehicle Accident

On June 13, 2002 the two 14-year-olds - Shin Hyo-sun and Shim Mi-son - were run over by an armored vehicle on a narrow road north of Seoul on their way home from school. The incident attracted national attention.

"The girls were crushed by the right track of the 54 ton tank. Sergeant Walker stopped on top of the girls, then backed the tank off..."

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2012-02-01 03:53:12

nina: why balme!
okey making this situation isnt helping with all the rasict comments on america to korea or korea to america this is tecnaclly a tragity familes lost there kids thats sad enough we dont need comments like korean people need to die or this is usa fault thats a diffrent topic if you got something stupid or retared or unessery shit to say dont say it on here it has nothing to do with this i hope the girls rest in ones the blame here it was an accedent reread the thing before saying anything please its better if you need to know the history before saying anything there somethings to understand first before putting a comment sorry to offend you but its what im speaking in my mind right know thanks for reading bye bye
2012-01-28 05:26:33

to all the good ppl of sth korea keep up the fight against communist leeches
2012-01-10 03:57:40
Dear Korean people. I am an American.
Please accept my apology for my nation's
unconscious, ignorant imperialism and
unbridled fascism. Your people were
betrayed by President T. Roosevelt in
1905 when he was a secret agent of the
imperial Japanese (by 1906, "Korea" was
erased from US State Department maps)
and the civil war which began- after the
defeat of Japan became a "Cold War"
expression of American fascism- against
the fascism of your ancient enemy,
China. Please see my letter to North
Korean leadership at my web site (my
name) and know that my love and concern
is for all of you in the south. I am so
sorry that you have to read such sad an
unconscious messages from so many stupid
(means predictable) American military.
They are now unemployed in America
because of our fascism. Bless you and
goodbye, my friends in Korea
2012-01-09 08:00:06

i`m korean girl
why do we have to get the blame?
you know that this,We did not do anything wrong:-(
by the way,i love the u.s and all countries... these things in the 'united states' plz do not leave a bad impression..
I'm not really good at English,but i wrote to the best of this comment..
i`m sorry if i offended... done
2011-11-12 01:48:40

I'm american and most of these comments make us look bad. First of all, this was a tragic incident, you're fucked up to be making fun of this. Second, this happened in South Korea, a first world country. Some of the people who wrote these comments think this happened to our North Korean enemies so they're cheering. Even if it was in North Korea, you shouldn't be cheering because two young girls were crushed to death. Our country is plagued with idiotic rednecks who haven't progressed one bit since the Civil War. You make us look so fucking bad.
2011-10-31 01:55:14

Most of these comments are so ignorant. It's sad that people are so uncivilized. It's extremely sad.
2011-10-31 01:46:55

i think koreans are so bicth.. they deserve to die fucking korean
2011-10-12 04:33:52

The Sarge
So that thing snuck up on em huh? was this a school for the mentally disadvantaged or the blind/deaf? a strange occurrence indeed
2011-10-09 03:16:51

아 슬픔 ㅠㅠ
2011-10-01 06:16:22

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