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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging (2)

Young woman who was a child day care worker committed suicide by hanging herself. She couldn't bear breaking up with her boyfriend.

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2012-05-13 14:17:20

Dumb twat
Suicide is a PERMANANT SOLUTION to a temporary problem. You threw your life away over some man? Stupid is as stupid does.
2012-04-29 00:10:34

It might be you are aware of the suffering of orehts around you, and because your not depressed, you have a deep hidden fear that you will face the same sufferings, so your mind is telling you to bail before it happens. Whatever you do stay away from the doctors, because if you aren't depressed you will be by the time they get done with you. Nobody walks out of a doctors office without a label, that would be bad for their business, and of coarse they want you to keep coming back, and they want you to bring your friends to.
2012-04-26 10:49:36

doesn't look like she's dead. looks like she's just looking through a window
2012-04-05 20:17:47

Nice tan
2012-02-14 08:13:02

Javed Ahmad
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2012-01-19 05:06:39

wish I could have grabbed her waist and fucked her from behind before she did that!!!!!!!!!!i bet she liked cum!!!!!!!
2011-12-07 16:04:16

Why do i always get the little fatties??
Mind you they're good to fuck!
2011-12-05 23:42:23

Me so horny
I would fuck her tight ass To death
2011-11-21 05:33:13

God is a fag
Look Jesus is watching you kill yourself.Fuck god
and fuck religion.
2011-11-21 05:30:53

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