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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging (2)

Young woman who was a child day care worker committed suicide by hanging herself. She couldn't bear breaking up with her boyfriend.

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harley quinn
NO mans worth death and life is just to good to be thrown away plus theres loads of men in the world !
2011-06-13 20:47:31

bella mortis
not wanting to sound harsh but give me a break i split with plenty males and i am still here its called flipping the losers off and getting fresh meat!
2011-06-08 20:19:12

I love how the virgin Mary is looking at the body.
2011-05-18 23:51:11

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2011-04-29 14:34:23

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2011-04-29 13:40:25

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2011-04-27 03:33:01

I'd like she faced us hanging so as we could see her grin as death catches her and takes life out of her !
2011-01-12 09:22:45

Ought to have a look at us....not very polite.
2011-01-02 14:53:07

Rape Me Kill Me
2010-12-20 06:41:41

Rape Me Kill Me
Actually I want to be killed and fuck while I'm dying, my last sensation being penetrated by a cock and a knife at the same time. Yes, I'm going to hell, and that it's not a big deal. We all die and either get ashed or turn to worm's meat. I just I'm fucked while my flesh is fresh. I don't have to have respect maggot food. It's dead. She seems okay with it, and wanted to die. Oh well, it's loss is my masturbation fodder.
2010-12-20 06:16:08

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