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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Suicide → Suicidal hanging in a prison

Suicidal hanging in prisons is pretty common!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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javed ahmad
if jesus is god then who was born on 25th
december,is God ever born??
2012-12-06 03:01:36

eww that is wrong
2012-10-25 02:32:28

that prision looks like real shit hole.. no wonder...
2012-10-16 00:09:28

Oli Trololo.
2012-09-01 09:29:54

Craig Shippy
Look he has a hard Hard On! He uses his sperm to jack it off then goops the shit off the floor. Fuck him he needs a good fukin in the ass hole. "fuk his shitter madre!!!!!!!!!
2012-08-03 20:55:32

Jade D Holcolmb
This is where you use your shit to jack off with the soot sperm and go into the other zone.
2012-06-20 08:05:09

I think the guy hang himself with his
jacket , right ? But how could that is
possible ?
2012-06-10 15:13:13

Jakoe Dan
Fuck I'm having sex who wants to join
2012-06-08 07:25:48

ok...if u got fucked in the ass, go kill that motherfucker ! but dont kill yourself ! Now hes gone be bragging
2012-02-24 04:45:47

Jackie Chan
Bars? On a prison? Really?
Shit, that toilet could be used to make shivs.
Those bars could be bent and broken or sawed into.
What a stupidly run prison.
2012-01-08 17:44:11

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