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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Suicide → Suicidal hanging in a prison

Suicidal hanging in prisons is pretty common!

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2010-01-16 14:35:23

pople probably do this because of their enviroment and that they will psend the rest of their life in it
2009-12-25 13:25:13

Dr. V
his feet are on the floor -.-
2009-12-13 17:48:02

i dont see why people would do this to themselves...
2009-11-26 01:21:36

To: hungtoolow
I don't think this is fake.
Hanging suicide is very easy to be done.
It is possible; sitting on a chair and even laying on a bed.
2009-11-15 05:47:26

2009-11-08 18:24:16


I think I would hang myself in prison too, tired of getting fucked up the ass to many times.
2009-10-31 20:22:18

hes not dead..hes sleepin.
2009-10-14 14:26:07

I don't like Squirt either, but cmon!
2009-10-04 05:32:11

First off I work for the la county coroners dept.
We get a lot suicidal hangings where the feet
doesn't leave the ground. When one wants to die
they will
2009-08-27 19:10:03

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