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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bizarre → Female circumcision

Female genital cutting, also known as female genital mutilation, female circumcision or female genital mutilation/cutting, refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs whether for cultural, religious or other non-therapeutic reasons. It is practiced throughout the world, with the practice concentrated most heavily in Africa.

The United Nations Population Fund has also declared February 6 an "International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation." Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

Wiki Article: Female genital cutting

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This is practiced in africa ( islamic coutries in africa ) and other islamic countries in the middle east
2011-12-26 10:34:41

she should think herself lucky cosmetic saggy labia removal costs a fortune and she kept her clit, looks much better imo...nothing more than making a designer vagina :D
2011-12-20 12:17:38

No need of criticizing Islam or Mullah it is traditional in some parts of Africa.
2011-12-19 13:56:55
save little girls from suffering
2011-12-18 20:18:05

shanawaz hussain
this is not only against law but also
against humanity..this all is the
created by god and we human have no
right to take away what she deserve to
have..its next to killing a girl in the womb itself..please help us to spread awareness and make this cruelty come
into light and make make the created to
this custom penalized for this unlawful
act on women.
2011-12-11 18:53:37

Thats so sick!!I sure an glad to be an AMERICAN!
2011-12-08 22:07:10

what pc r u seeng anoun?
you cant scream with your mouth closed!
2011-11-29 18:04:14

Look in the background of the first picture, that
poor girl is screaming, how could those heartless
people chang what god gave us because they
think female genitalia is dirty! Thats worse than
rape because it's your mother,grandmother,or
sister doing that to you!
2011-11-15 23:17:29

i hate this
2011-11-09 14:48:50

this is a cruel and barbaric practice performed by misogynists worldwide, promoted by patriarchal societies. It is about controlling the woman's sexual pleasure (prohibiting her from enjoying sexual intimacy) and thus, in the man's mind, prevents her from promiscuity. Many girls are stitched shut, preventing them from having proper menstrual flow and greatly increasing infections and chances of sterility later in life.
2011-11-07 19:57:08

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