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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bizarre → Female circumcision

Female genital cutting, also known as female genital mutilation, female circumcision or female genital mutilation/cutting, refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs whether for cultural, religious or other non-therapeutic reasons. It is practiced throughout the world, with the practice concentrated most heavily in Africa.

The United Nations Population Fund has also declared February 6 an "International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation." Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

Wiki Article: Female genital cutting

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the king says mah boi
if you look at the first picture, the so called
"doctor" has his/her middle and ring finger IN her
while she's being torn apart. in fact, now that i
looked at it in full screen, she looks like she's
SMILING at the same time. is that from pleasure or
accept?? and if i were there, i'd do one of 11

1:call the cops (if the puny town had any)

2: hang myself

3: kill them all and let them burn in hell

4: get them all beheaded

5: slit my throat

6: bomb the place

7: go ape shit

8: watch an old cartoon after all that was over

9: yank all my teeth out and stuff 'em up my ass

10: jump into a pool of gasoline with a lit match in
my hand

and 11: play some good 'ol 1985 Nintendo
Entertainment System to get my mind straight ;)
2009-08-22 07:38:11

The photos on this page are of a woman who has decided to remove her labia, not a victim of FGM. She has stretched earlobes, a nose piercing, and seems calm about what is happening. Likely she is a body modder.
2009-08-19 09:31:29

no one should get circumsized... yuck!! just keep urself clean and u dnt need to!! shes gonna get infections like crazy! ur lips down there protect you from alotta shit u retard!!
2009-08-18 22:54:00

the world is messed up! someone cut the end off my dick when i was a baby! :(
2009-08-17 05:44:28

Her clit is still intact, Looks more like
some weird sexual fetish. The girl is
pierced hardcore anyway.

2009-08-16 01:00:09

That doesn't even look like a pussy lol.Maybe it's the fact that it's too torn up to identify.
2009-08-14 09:11:30

Brazilian 72
Look at her tits... she have piercings and her reaction is natural. She WANTS this procedury, dumbs...
2009-08-14 05:14:42

the king says mah boi
P.S Read from bottom up.
2009-08-11 18:27:39

the king says mah boi
and also, why isn't she struggling or
anything? is she dead?
2009-08-11 18:25:49

the king says mah boi
that's CREATE.
2009-08-11 09:01:31

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