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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WarWWII → Nazi SS at work

The Schutzstaffel, abbreviated SS was a major Nazi military organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to an elite force that served as the F├╝hrer's "Praetorian Guard," the Nazi Party's "Shield Squadron" and a force with as much political influence as the regular German armed forces. Built upon the Nazi racial ideology, the SS, under Heinrich Himmler's command, was primarily responsible for the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazis during the Second World War.

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Heil mein fuhrer Hitler o.e
2011-03-13 03:16:35

i agree with u @fuck you
2011-03-07 19:07:22

A friend of our family, we're not Jewish, was experimented on by doctor's at Auschwitz. This person is in their mid-eighties and survived by sheer will power as they were being poisoned with different agents. The twin almost died. Right then the Russians rolled up and liberated the camps. This is real stuff...there are horrors that few know about that make this site look like nothing. Also the Russians endured horrors and genocide as well as the Jews, and other minorities. Rent 'Inside Auschwitz' PBS and Night and Fog, a documentary.
2011-02-25 16:28:46

Hey rev,what about the efn cocksuckers who made this site,fuck them too!Now we got fuckholes seeing this all over the world u can thank these lowlifes 4 all of it.Ps fuck you is my post below too.
2011-02-01 16:50:15

fuck you
Female circumcision>Raped murdered,and burned.Look & see,up top,female hangings female sqashed in elavator,female children,come see we got it all,we hate humans esp.females come to our circus & appreciate life.I believe these assholewipes need checking into,something seriously wrong w/these efn monguals!We are human beings u fucking cocksukers,not youes,pigdogs.Sleep on these pics tonight u jerkoffs!!
2011-02-01 16:47:04

i swear, if a vast majority of educated enough
people could start a militia and have a war with any
group of people, itd have to be these sick nazu
fucks. fuck the taliban, fuck the guys in cambodia,
id pop a cap in every nazi scum. im not talking
about todays white pride, im talking about todays
sick fucks stomping around killing innocents
2011-01-26 23:58:30

barbary streisand
2011-01-26 03:30:59

He'll yeah
Every one hate stupid Mexican because the so
racist and ignorant , yet so quick to play the race
2011-01-19 08:41:49

Jeriko the fag
I love my dads cum
2011-01-17 10:56:59

@ javier
Yeah stupid your a Mexican. This is why every
one hates you pepole.
2011-01-17 10:56:33

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