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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murder → Raped, murdered, and burned

The young woman was raped and murdered by a serial murderer. Then the murderer burned her corpse to make her identification difficult.

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Turgidly Real
Smooth operator
2010-02-26 19:33:09

Can't we all just get along?
2010-02-22 00:44:40

One A Month
I gotta burn my girls body. Left her behind a grass covered mound of dirt in the middle of town and noone found her yet lol. Used four condoms but still left sperm inside. No amber alert...I am assuming she was from way outta town. No missing person lol. LUCK.
2010-02-05 22:54:14

damn!! somebody just like an animal for
2010-01-28 15:33:42

Who is this? any newsarticles about it?
2010-01-21 18:49:57

i think her legs were cosed and that is a simple reason
that her pussy might not be burned.
2010-01-19 11:09:04

her vagina ooks unburned.. i wonder if he had sex with her afte burining, this is horrible
2009-12-25 13:21:40

I bet she was hot.

2009-12-06 23:44:10

that was me that killed her stupied bitch shouldnt ov said nolol
2009-11-24 04:56:33

2009-11-13 07:47:36

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