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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murder → Raped, murdered, and burned

The young woman was raped and murdered by a serial murderer. Then the murderer burned her corpse to make her identification difficult.

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Agree with .... (below). Put yourself in her position those last moments of her life. Put yourself in her family, friends, associates, etc. position when they found out she was dead... and then told how she died.
2009-01-25 07:03:44

You are sick fuckin cunts, how the fuck do u have the nerve to say stuff like thsat.
how the fuck would u feel if it happened to ur daughter or sister or mum even?
or would u still ev en have the cheek to rite that then?
well tbh; people like you shouldnt deserve the fuckin air we breathe cus its most probably heartless pricks like u that do it :@
2009-01-25 04:21:13

2009-01-23 05:27:01

this is a criminal offence.what can i do for it.only her govt was guilti
2009-01-19 03:30:33

imagine being the person who discovered that
2009-01-17 11:26:05

only a bastard can do this sort of thing!
2009-01-14 07:13:16

you guys are idiots!
2009-01-11 05:28:42

lol there's still pussy for someone to fuch with.
2009-01-11 03:10:53

that is odd that her pussy didn't burn, i agree. i hope she was dead b4 she was set on fire, burning alive would be a horrible way to go
2009-01-08 23:06:22

How came I created such a fucking idea
2009-01-01 01:46:45

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