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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Accident → Picture of the year (2008)

Here you can see like the parents are trowing [in despair] their infant from the window of their burning and smoky appartment with the hope to save the baby.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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why is evry1 commenting cruel and disgusting jokes and humor about all these tragedies?
2011-10-02 02:49:17

FAIL. In hopeless situation like this you should wrap /your - optionally/ child in a soft tissue (as much as possible), hug him and jump out backward.
You will die but save the child.
2011-09-07 08:35:12

The genius store claeld, they're running out of you.
2011-08-05 18:01:03

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2011-07-21 19:01:50

Mr Garrison
@ *.*---> any spanish speaker is free to relocate to land that belonged to Spain and subsequently Mexico: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Alta California. The true "Wetbacks" are the White Anglo Saxon Protestanst who crossed the Atlantic and thus became "wet", and began their genocide human massacre in the New Land, starting with the Native Americans, through Blacks and now Hispanics. So "wetback" to England.
2011-07-02 06:44:23

I didn't know wetback babies could fly
2011-06-24 09:19:07

Oh my GOSH I hope that there was something there to
catch it. I don't want to know if this baby died or not!
2011-05-22 23:57:21

NOT photoshopped!
2011-05-11 18:43:38

The parents lived also, but were injured.
2011-05-11 18:43:19

i wouldve assassins creeded that wall.
2011-05-04 05:57:03

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