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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Accident → Picture of the year (2008)

Here you can see like the parents are trowing [in despair] their infant from the window of their burning and smoky appartment with the hope to save the baby.

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omg wtf rofl lol lmao
2010-01-02 04:38:50

wait... did they throw the baby out of the window " in hopes to save the baby". WTF. i don't get it.
2010-01-02 04:36:39

Probably there were firemen in the floor, with an elastic bed.
2009-12-30 14:19:16

look up here
@tonk.....this is site is obviously showing only bad news around the survived but parents did not......R.I.P...everyone in that disaster
2009-12-26 00:05:47

first people try imitating michael jackson's moonwalk
now they're trying to re-enact the blanket over the balcony scenario
2009-12-18 01:34:52

yeah, say the whole story!
2009-12-09 00:24:42

If I can remember the child was cathed into a net or something. I think he survived.
2009-11-26 18:37:36

The baby was fine and so were his parents. Is was in
the news!
2009-11-12 14:11:13

I wouldn't have opened this picture if i knew it was a
2009-11-12 10:54:27

Must've been a near impossible decision to make as a parent.
2009-11-11 06:49:58

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