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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Suicide → Male suicidal hanging (2)

This young was found hanged from a tree on the outskirts of Moscow (Russia). The only fact we know that man abused alcohol.

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Sean MacCormack
Nice tree.

I'd sell that at Loblaws. Brampton Loblaw.
2010-04-21 23:29:59

Hmmm is an idiot
its a solution to someone who wants to die. UHHH DUH if you go through with suicide you get what you want. And how does it put them in a bigger problem?? they're fucking dead! meaning they don't have regrets or worries about how people will react to it. Think before you say shit, moron.
2010-04-15 04:55:49

Suicide is not a solution to any problem, but a problem without solution. It does not help but puts one in a bigger problem.
2010-03-22 21:16:53

He is out of it now,having to listen to pricks like these,no wonder.He going to hell ey,fuckin idiot,he read your comment and thought,fuck this.
2010-01-11 02:16:56

Sue Side Sykes
Just a quick one: suicides do not go to heaven. If you waste yourself, you go to hell. Apparently. Anyway, poor judgement on his part - he used a permanent fucking solution to a temporary problem. I must say that his considerastion for others is impressive- he did not foul up someone's house - he did it outside. Actually, that must have made it a bit more pleasant: snuffing yourself in the fresh, bracing air outside.
2010-01-07 12:18:14

he could of gotten help though Marco... there are so many more options beside suicide..
2009-12-29 18:10:45

this man knew something was wrong, he did what he had to do. i dont blame him one bit.
2009-12-21 16:27:26

Suicide = Jahannam.

2009-12-19 00:55:14

I think he was well-mannered.
Because suicide in a house makes other people very unhappy.
Even if the body is fresh, other persons cannot live in the house.
Especially rent-house, rent-room, hotel room, etc.

I know a story of an apartment house owner.
There was one suicide and everyone in other rooms escaped out of the apartment house,
and new customers didn't come. And the owner killed himself.
2009-11-15 05:31:18

He is in a better place, better than this fucking shit hole called earth. A better place where most of you sad, mean motherfuckers won't be going to. Thanks to piece of shit people like yourselves.
2009-11-05 17:55:20

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