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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder → Two murdered children

The mother who suffred from schizofrenia killed her own two children at her own appartment. The 4-year old child was completely decapitated. The one-year old baby's neck was slashed causing fatal bleeding from the carotid arteries.

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I wish i could get my handa on these fucks that
kill people
2011-07-15 22:50:09

mz.locz, she's fucking schizophrenic,
genius. Do you know what that fucking
means? It means she's insane.
2011-07-10 05:20:12

Aaah thats it!!
2011-07-06 09:32:58

Hope that fucking bitch burns in hell!
2011-07-04 13:58:30

whats the inconvenience of taking a pic of a little boy trying to hide when his mom is trying to kill him???????
2011-06-25 04:07:56

like i said before worst mental illness this cos the voices drive them to do terrible acts.
2011-06-13 20:55:31

Kakitalo mio dae grekyfop niarhi...
2011-06-09 20:11:36

nah soz if the mom woz scitzo she wouldn't be allowed to lookafter the poor kids by law, ppl facing murder use skitzo an excuse and then blame it on weed 2 get put in the loopy bin for an easier sentce sick fucking bitch
2011-06-08 04:16:47

The mother had schizo so if she didng have it idt
she would have done it. Its a medical condition
that sometimes have horrible results like this. Its
sad though
2011-05-23 20:32:26

ha! sorry for the inconvenience?? whats so great about seeing a small kid try to run away from a mom who is trying to kill her own babies??? not right...
2011-05-17 19:20:34

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