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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder → Two murdered children

The mother who suffred from schizofrenia killed her own two children at her own appartment. The 4-year old child was completely decapitated. The one-year old baby's neck was slashed causing fatal bleeding from the carotid arteries.

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people in this world to heartless....the person who did this should be stoned to death so that they die slowing in pain..
2011-04-10 03:37:28

IchBin you are so stupid for saying that.
EVERYONE deserves to live EVERY race, male
or female. so stfu and get a life cuz ur
just the most stupid for saying that shit.
2011-04-06 21:18:02

god bless
ichbin u are a very childish person to make a comment like that and race dont mean anything because with out NEGROS ur dumb ass would b doing a lot by hand cause we damn sure invented a lot u ass hole and u should burn n hell with her because these are innocent kids with ur ignorant childish ass.
2011-03-27 19:46:05

god bless
the mother should BURN in hell for doing that to those baby's may GOD bless their little souls please no stupid comments cause stuff like this can happen to one of your loved ones
2011-03-27 19:42:52

They were negros. No value of human has been lost here.
2011-03-13 03:17:32

2011-03-07 19:31:12

Sylvia... yes, thank God she still has a
spoon! Now, WTF is she going to do with
it? ha ha
2011-02-12 06:04:08

I hope some grilled those kids. Nothing better than fresh of the grill kids!
2011-01-28 04:31:03

At least she still has a spoon.
2011-01-23 19:29:44

yum brain sammich
come on people this was an obvious b&e gone wrong done by an undead samurai vampire
2011-01-22 11:46:54

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