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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder → Two murdered children

The mother who suffred from schizofrenia killed her own two children at her own appartment. The 4-year old child was completely decapitated. The one-year old baby's neck was slashed causing fatal bleeding from the carotid arteries.

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i fuck that!! mmmmmmm
2010-04-22 22:35:00

Your daddy
She was sick the only responsibles are the people that knowed about the mother's illness
2010-04-14 03:52:12

Common Sense
How could people crack a joke about this? THis is NOT funny at all. Could you imagine what they were thinking right before they got their necks snapped?.. have some respect you sick bastards.
2010-04-14 03:01:39

I hope the mother rots in hell. What did
these kids ever do to her.. Probably
something so harmless. Stupid Schizofrenic
2010-03-23 18:47:22

You people know nothing about schizophrenia. It's a mental ILLNESS...this woman wasn't even in her right mind... it's truly unfortunate.
2010-03-22 23:06:31

solja ov truth
y fukin do this
2010-03-21 17:08:36

lmao( not at this)
i just saw a cop flying by my house chasing another car yelling over the intercom thing "slow down speed racer, and pull over!" lol im still kind of laughng....
2010-03-06 04:32:52

sick shit
this is sick but yet learning, have you heard "Learn from your mistakes" well we learned from the mistkes of the parents not to hier that baby sitter
2010-03-06 04:31:01

OMFG i was just joking on the small penis part but i thougt it all
2010-03-06 04:26:16

i have a small penis so i rant alot BUT you dont know here i live si hah oh and sam :( dont you recognise me from the other day, im SO into atreyu they rock the shit out of everything!!
2010-03-06 04:25:20

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