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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder → Two murdered children

The mother who suffred from schizofrenia killed her own two children at her own appartment. The 4-year old child was completely decapitated. The one-year old baby's neck was slashed causing fatal bleeding from the carotid arteries.

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ammar: Yes, I can get a bit confusing sometimes, even for people who are fluent in English.
2009-07-03 00:00:04

you re right Raptor in the first part. i really believe that a woman with a brain and heart cant never do that to her children unless she loses them .
but I didn't get the second part... because english is not my close language hehe. Thank u anyway friend
2009-07-02 01:04:41

Ammar: We can't help them, but we can make those who are unaware, aware. But that has nothing to do with what I responded to. I could care less about those people. I responded to you, by saying yes a mother is suppose to protect her children, but mental disease erases that instinct. Imagine losing all control of your mind, and your morals. That's what it is.

Certainly Ammar: Yes, there are a lot of fake people in the world, but there are those who are not fake. I may not have been in your place, whatever place that may be, but I have been in my own place, and from being there, I have become what I am today. One who strives to help the murdered, the drowned, the raped, the suicidal. And when it comes to speaking for others, speak for yourself, not for others, because others have a voice.
2009-06-27 15:56:21

Certainly ammar
The world and it's people are fake anyways.. why care for the dead, if they where alive they would turn to bastards too.
If you'd have been in my place you would understand what makes one think like this and be certain that i speak for many like me.
2009-06-27 14:39:43

but Raptor_Jesus, many people abuse their comments here, didn't see what they write ??? they laugh and moke of poor dead killed people and insult them
2009-06-26 05:30:54

They are still now, still, still
2009-06-25 08:19:25

Ammar: With mental disease, it doesn't matter if you're a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, anything. It messes with your brain and tells you to kill all the pink elephants.

Me/ others with the same views: are you saying that can put ANY kind of grusom picture of homicide, rape, and suicide, as long as it doesn't involve children. That really makes no sence. It's very aweful that people kill children, however we can't just brush it away. People need to be aware that this is happening, just like all the other things on this site. This site isn't to be a gross site to see how much you can handle, but it's to make people aware, and make people appreciate life. If you don't agree with the posting of one picture on this site, then don't look at it.
2009-06-25 02:46:23

reminds me of a song... smack my bitch up.
2009-06-22 20:51:05

the world end is so soon people , i really mean it. The mother who should be the first protector converted to the first ennemy who kills her sons
2009-06-19 15:16:04

the one was just a baby! this site has no right to keep this pic on here!
2009-06-18 21:30:40

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