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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murder → Two murdered children

The mother who suffred from schizofrenia killed her own two children at her own appartment. The 4-year old child was completely decapitated. The one-year old baby's neck was slashed causing fatal bleeding from the carotid arteries.

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Omg ! That breaks my heart...
2013-12-19 23:31:39

They just an angels
2013-11-23 17:42:25

Somebody needs to cut her fucking head off
2013-11-01 23:19:16

I'm schizophrenic and I can't even concieve of
hurting a child especially my own!! Women who
do this and blame schizophrenia are full of shit.
And should recieve the death penalty with no
fuckin trial.
2013-10-18 07:33:02

Fania Villarreal
Rest in peace children 🙏
2013-09-05 18:04:32

this scares me
2013-08-14 13:18:27

2013-04-27 03:22:37

The cunt who did this should be skinned
alive!do it live on the internet so the
whole world can watch the skanky pig
2013-03-09 20:35:57

she no doubt got away with insanity plea works everytime since the 60s when one man claimed insanity the world copied it ever since.
2013-03-04 10:46:49

Poor kids what fault did they have being so
small what harm can they do they cant even
defend thereselves :( anybody who does this
kinda shit to there babies need to be decapitated
a worse way then this damn psycho people I
hope this lady gets the worse in prison and goes
and burns in hell with a sloooow death!!!
2013-03-01 04:49:17

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