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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WarWWII → Girl was hanged by Nazi

The girl was hanged from the crossbar by Nazi for trying to shelter a partisan at her house (Russia, 1942).

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The necessity in what you complete and utter've watched Apocalypse Now so you think you're tough enough to murder women and the world a favor...FUCK OFF N'DIE!
2009-06-11 21:55:13

If the United States took the same stance in Iraq, our problems would be over very quickly. Too bad people dont see the necessity in this.
2009-06-06 21:17:50

Where's God when such things happen?
2009-06-01 02:14:02

dam if u look close i swear it looks liek it was "photoshoped" (meaning its fake)
2009-05-09 03:14:02


I will not refute the authenticity of this photo.This photo looks an old photo dating back to the 1940's.
2009-05-01 07:15:47

Well......................... sad incicent
2009-05-01 07:14:21

if it werent for the clothes shes wearing, it woulda
fooled me
2009-04-24 05:06:15

lol jk
2009-04-07 02:25:16

heil hitler!
2009-04-07 02:24:48

what diff does it make ? nazi's were still bitches
2009-03-13 09:32:16

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