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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WarWWII → Girl was hanged by Nazi

The girl was hanged from the crossbar by Nazi for trying to shelter a partisan at her house (Russia, 1942).

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2013-10-27 00:45:22

Paul Chin
Did they fuck first?
2013-08-25 01:10:43

Nazi ? These are Germans.
2013-07-24 22:35:27

"Well, Anonymous, there's nothing there at all on which I can agree--and evneythirg whith which to disagree."Really? You can't tell that Wooller's technical skill level is the same as McCahon's? Both have very primitive, childlike abilities. Wow, you must be even more aesthetically handicapped and ignorant of visual arts techniques and standards than I had suspected if you actually believe that McCahon's work is "underdone rubbish" but that Wooller's exhibits technical mastery."Mind you, you do seem to know a lot about rage."Yeah, you imagine seeing rage everywhere, don't you? Here's a clue, Cresswell: Just because YOU feel rage when listening to a song or being made fun of for your aesthetic idiocy doesn't mean that the song contains rage or that the person having a laugh at your expense is enraged.J
2013-03-21 14:28:28

Wish I could have been there to watch her kicking and struggling at the end of that rope.
2013-01-01 21:10:33

Thank you
2012-12-13 16:56:54

That bitch looks like she was hot..pretty feet too. Look at those nazi guys smiling posing at the pic..u know they just fucked the shit out of her till they had enough and hanged herlol Prehanged pussy haha
2012-07-16 19:28:58

nazis, bet ya'll didnt know that superman was intentionally created to be used as nazi PROPAGANDA.
2012-05-13 01:26:21

Американцы наказали немцев устроив в
1945г.сплошные ковровые бомбежки немецких
городов например Гамбург Дрезден.
2012-03-15 12:44:01

damn shame good looking women hanging she looks like she had sexy legs up to her teeth she would have made a good wife a damn shame may her soul rest in peace
2012-01-04 02:51:15

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