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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WarWWII → Girl was hanged by Nazi

The girl was hanged from the crossbar by Nazi for trying to shelter a partisan at her house (Russia, 1942).

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what a fuck pictures
that's so bad for everyone.
2011-09-17 07:59:39

Yet more stinking perverts!
Including Borgyra, of course.
Will he ever grow up?
2011-09-16 20:50:59

looks like someone else is now impersonating me.we know when it's me and when it's a fake.this bitch was perfect for hanging.
2011-09-14 22:47:53

Grim Reaper
I want to rape her corpse
2011-09-13 08:39:12

little bitch needed to hang.
2011-09-12 19:05:47

The right question "OnkelAdolf" is where do stinking fascist vermin like you come from?
2011-09-10 23:30:58

i'd hate hanging around all day doing nothing
2011-08-19 23:27:51

The question is where do all you Faggot irish corksuggers come from?.. Colon...
2011-08-08 21:45:58

FAKE. anyone who has good eyes instantly notice that this is fake. SO FAKE. wow very cheap photoshop.
2011-07-31 18:27:27

Why does this site attract so many perverts and neo nazi scum?
2011-07-29 18:13:02

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