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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WarWWII → Girl was hanged by Nazi

The girl was hanged from the crossbar by Nazi for trying to shelter a partisan at her house (Russia, 1942).

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The question is where do all you Faggot irish corksuggers come from?.. Colon...
2011-08-08 21:45:58

FAKE. anyone who has good eyes instantly notice that this is fake. SO FAKE. wow very cheap photoshop.
2011-07-31 18:27:27

Why does this site attract so many perverts and neo nazi scum?
2011-07-29 18:13:02

death grip
2011-07-28 02:05:39

im gay and i love cok :) hmmmmm
2011-06-28 20:57:02

At last! Someone who udnerstands! Thanks for posting!
2011-05-08 06:24:28

Never will Colin.Opinion is never wrong.
2011-04-02 14:29:49

So you don't see anything wrong in anything you've written, Borgyra. Maybe you will one day. I hope so.
2011-03-24 17:22:45

i hope this girl danced a nice dance of death kicking and flinging for the soldiers.the idiot below me obviously thinks he can fool not the one that impersonated you Colin you're not worth it.i dont impersonate.however i will say i dont see anything wrong with anything ive said
2011-03-20 03:51:36

I am sorry for being such a nasty, dirty, stupid, evil little boy and I promise to behave myself in the future
2011-03-14 20:50:23

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