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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WarWWII → Girl was hanged by Nazi

The girl was hanged from the crossbar by Nazi for trying to shelter a partisan at her house (Russia, 1942).

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Reading some of these comments makes me want to projectile vomit all over my laptop. UGH!
2009-07-12 15:34:27

i heard that's true, its nice to ass fuck hanged sluts
2009-07-01 01:49:02

...and another facke shit !!
2009-06-29 17:54:36

héhé génial pour les connaisseurs.
intéréssant pour celui qui a tiré le tonneau héhé espéront que les deux rigolars qui sont sur la photo l'ont enculée juste avant héhé le meilleur c'est de les enculées sur la potence et de rester dedans pour les sentir gigotées au bout de sa bite quand elles sont pendues
2009-06-18 10:41:12

Where was God? God was all she had left. He was the Consoler of her last moments, the Rewarder of her good deeds. Will He be there for you?
2009-06-14 06:47:41

The necessity in what you complete and utter've watched Apocalypse Now so you think you're tough enough to murder women and the world a favor...FUCK OFF N'DIE!
2009-06-11 21:55:13

If the United States took the same stance in Iraq, our problems would be over very quickly. Too bad people dont see the necessity in this.
2009-06-06 21:17:50

Where's God when such things happen?
2009-06-01 02:14:02

dam if u look close i swear it looks liek it was "photoshoped" (meaning its fake)
2009-05-09 03:14:02


I will not refute the authenticity of this photo.This photo looks an old photo dating back to the 1940's.
2009-05-01 07:15:47

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