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Friday, November 7, 2008

Bizarre → Playing with death

We do hope this kid is alive!

Video: Download "charonboat_cobra.wmv"

Indian cobra (Naja naja) is found throughout the mainland of India (excluding the Northeast). It is also found in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The Indian cobra's venom contains a powerful post-synaptic neurotoxin. The venom acts on the synaptic gaps of the nerves, thereby paralyzing muscles, and possibly leading to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. Despite its fearsome reputation, only 10% of the bites in humans result in death. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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What kind of fucking worthless parents could watch thier infanxt be bittine over 4 times by a cobra.. if the child lives or dies.. they should both be shot.. and slowly die.. terrible >.<
2009-02-19 15:06:49

I like how the video cuts out when it start strangling the child to death.
2009-02-12 03:00:11

hey...the fangs of that cobra is completely taken its harmless and powerless...i would even put that snake in my ass
2009-01-18 20:37:36

that's a lil 2 close for comfort!
2009-01-08 23:12:25

the kid is very much alive...thry cut out the fangs out
of the snake ....totaly harmless
2009-01-07 16:12:28

This kid's parents need to have their asses beat for allowing their child to be so close to such a dangerous animal in the first place!
2009-01-01 02:39:22

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