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Friday, November 7, 2008

Bizarre → Playing with death

We do hope this kid is alive!

Video: Download "charonboat_cobra.wmv"

Indian cobra (Naja naja) is found throughout the mainland of India (excluding the Northeast). It is also found in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The Indian cobra's venom contains a powerful post-synaptic neurotoxin. The venom acts on the synaptic gaps of the nerves, thereby paralyzing muscles, and possibly leading to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. Despite its fearsome reputation, only 10% of the bites in humans result in death. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Freddy Krueger
Well, obviously the snake is not hurting the child...Therefore it is only playing with the child.
2011-06-18 23:50:45

harley quinn
yeah probably defanged it knowing them lot the kids cute tho
2011-06-10 12:32:33

No my friends this family has many snakes in there home i am from the same city and they did not remove the venom fangs from the snake the people of this family are very caring and protective to animal and when ever any snake incident happens in the city people call this family to capture the snake and they do so for protect the animal and they do not let any one kill the snake if it comes out of anybody's house they take hem to custody until the local zoo authoroity come and take possession of the animal and ones they healped local people to capture a leopard without harming him and thats why i think and most of the people in town think that animal are also greatfull to them and let me tell you that snake lives in there house for long time and whenever we tried to leave him to jungle he just come's back and that little child plays with him daily but the snake never bits him when he getd angry he just hush him and also protects him day and night.
2011-06-07 04:19:57

Animals bite when they feel unsafe
2011-06-04 16:30:16

*snake looks at camera*

What the F*CK is going on?!!
2011-05-08 19:44:31

I'm sure they defanged it, this is animal abuse really.
2011-03-14 07:09:06

He's all like, I wanna' play with youu, and the snake is like.. *Slithers away slowly*
2011-03-13 03:19:10

thats not right how dare people fucking
comment "its all good, the child's a
reject" wtf maybe hell grow up successful
and maybe hell be a nice person, sick
fucking people
2011-03-02 21:36:36

The one eyed snake wont bite
A toothless snake - well well how exiting.
2011-02-18 06:38:59

omg is surprised, omg is... woooo
2011-01-26 03:54:52

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