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Monday, November 10, 2008

WarWWII → Soviet women during WWII (1)

To our regret we don't know the name of that hanged woman.

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Hate me all you want but bitches deserve what they get. You would be mad too if every bitch found you ugly and didn't want to suck on your cock for free.
2011-10-19 00:33:56

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gUuMFx Thanks for all the answers:) In fact, learned a lot of new information. Dut I just didn`t figure out what is what till the end!...
2011-09-29 22:28:09

Borgyra = is right/me wrong
2011-09-24 14:25:12

Borgyra = little penis/or big slut
2011-06-28 20:54:40

hate me all you want.i wont change and actually enjoy knowing im hated
2011-06-17 19:28:39

borgyra you are a mean cold son of a bitch or a bitch whatever sex you are!
2011-06-10 15:24:57

thats just your opinion gene.i say the bitch deserved it and hope she danced
2011-05-26 21:37:42

Those who salute the death are sick
2011-04-05 19:12:35

fake fake fake
2011-03-12 03:14:59

JEDEM das Seine!! ;-))
2011-02-13 13:18:41

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