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Monday, November 10, 2008

WarWWII → Soviet women during WWII (1)

To our regret we don't know the name of that hanged woman.

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Polish King Of Moscow
yes she deserve it
2009-11-22 08:17:47

Тупые пендосы, хуй сосите! А если она и на самом деле предателем была, что ж, на войне как на войне. Заслужила.
2009-10-13 07:18:07

nice to see someone bitching about nazis instead of the u.s. (for once.)
2009-09-25 06:10:31

This woman is traitress and she got what she deserve.
2009-09-17 11:34:18

Some people say she was hanged by Soviet partisans for betrayal. Couldn't read the writing on her chest - poor quality photo.
2009-07-05 19:56:47

2009-06-18 10:42:59

Смерть предателям! А янки похоже не могут прочесть пост From Russia...хе-хе
2009-05-13 15:08:25

This woman was hanged by russians - as it is written in the sign.
2009-04-08 08:50:08

From Russia
Я видел кусок видео,где эту женщину вешали.Это делали не немцы,а партизаны.Она - предатель.
Подробностей не знаю,не смог разобрать надпись на табличке.
2009-03-23 21:51:35

dont worry, nearly everyone went to hell.
2009-03-10 22:13:00

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