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Thursday, November 13, 2008

WarWWII → Soviet civilians during WWII (1)

Approximately 10 million Soviet civilians were killed by German Nazy on the occupied territories of the Soviet Union during World War 2.

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frank glover
my grandfather was a nazi
2011-04-14 23:53:26

to GWB : have U ever tried to hate yourself as much as U do the others hahaha
2011-04-05 19:07:24

Fake, totally fake.
2011-03-29 01:09:50

Kampfgruppe Peiper
see us in walhalla
2011-03-20 18:14:58

To "Weapon?!"

When standing to attention the riflemen will place the rifle next to their leg, with the rifle but in contact with the ground
2011-03-15 10:37:28

I like gay gangbangs
2011-01-19 08:35:13

Nobody have a Weapon?! Look at the Pictures! How will they be shoot?!
2011-01-09 14:22:45

Not Russia They would not bring coffins for russians
2010-11-03 04:11:58

red alert
2010-10-29 15:29:45

Johnny T.
USA needs a war NOW. Our economy will grow once again like we never seen before, with all the technology that we have nowadays. We'll live another "golden years". Vote for republicans next time, because they fight for YOU and YOUR FAMILIES, dumbasses. ;)
2010-10-28 16:28:55

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