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Friday, November 14, 2008

WarWWII → Soviet civilians during WWII (2)

Approximately 10 million Soviet civilians were killed by German Nazi on the occupied territories of the Soviet Union during World War 2.

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WWII in a nutshell
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"The so-called “torch-men order” (Fackelmännerbefehl) is the command No. 0428, issued November 17th 1941 by Stalin. It declares that Russian partisans in German uniforms, particularly those of the Waffen-SS, were to destroy all settlements within a swathe of about 40-60 km depth from the main battle lines and to ruthlessly kill the civilian population - but to leave enough peasants alive so that the word can spread - antipathy and hatred toward Germans will motivate partisans to take up arms". If you believe anything Stalin or his henchmen claimed you are completyely crazy, if you believe the claims of the Jews pertaining to WW11 you are just as crazy.
2014-11-28 02:39:57

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