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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Accident → The man was attacked by a great white shark

This man was attacked by a great white shark. Fortunatelly, he survived the attack, but his left foot was severely mutilated.

The United States averages just 16 shark attacks each year and slightly less than one shark-attack fatality every two years.

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Wow you guys and girls who have servived are a living merical I feel bad that you had to go through so much pain and I want you to know that I am always praying and hoping for you and remember we are swimming in there home and you have put your self at risk hope everyone every where gets better after there run in with a shark:)!!!
2012-12-25 00:02:19

I hope he gets better soon ! I fell so sorry for him !
2012-10-13 11:58:25

Why don't you kiss his foot better for him
2012-09-11 06:22:27

2012-08-09 03:16:30

jacques fortier
holy fuck i feel sorry for that guy
2012-06-20 18:08:56

MBN, great reminder to evernoye. Lots of things hold people back. Too many people are looking for the perfect moment to begin. The fact is, there's never a perfect time. I agree with something I read by Lyle Lovett. I've never been ready to do anything in my life. I hadn't study enough, prepared enough, or known enough. You can never be ready, there's too much to know!Your shark analogy makes me think of the word motion. Stay in constant motion. This means you'll have days where you moved a few yards, fumbled, been thrown for a loss, had no gain, or threw a long pass and scored. The key is to always be keeping score. I'm enjoying your posts on a consistent basis. This blog is always in motion.
2012-04-26 02:33:44

I don't think "attacked" would be the correct term to use -- the shark did not solely seek out this man by means of hatred and/or violence. It was just acting naturally by instinct. Stay out of the fucking water if you do not wish to be made a meal of.

And Wagner Smith, are you fucking serious...?
2012-03-24 06:16:32

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2012-02-09 16:49:17

You were so lucky...
2012-02-08 04:18:50

John Madden
BOOM Tough actin' Tenactin!!!
2012-02-04 03:43:59

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