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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Accident → The man was attacked by a great white shark

This man was attacked by a great white shark. Fortunatelly, he survived the attack, but his left foot was severely mutilated.

The United States averages just 16 shark attacks each year and slightly less than one shark-attack fatality every two years.

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this is fairly harsh since its acually us that are making these animals behave in this way, so i don't think this website should have been broadcasted.
2011-10-07 17:41:56

And you are all forgetting that sharks are rapidly becoming more scarce because of humans brutally murdering them, Mainly china. Sharks have evolved over millions of years and we think we can wipe them out in a couple of hundred years, as goes for every animal!
2011-10-01 18:57:22

Humans kill thouasands of humans each year yet we are not put in the light of being a dangerous species that has to be put down. We are worse than any animal when will you realize it and change your ways. no one is truly happy because people greedily and selfishly rely on money, money, money and more money.
2011-10-01 18:53:53

whats weldemtes
2011-09-21 18:38:01

meu deus que tragedia kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2011-09-21 18:37:20

2011-03-24 01:13:28

sharks are not mindless killing machines they are just stereotyped as that... think of the all the power of a great white's jaws then look at this... its really just a couple of experiment bites if you think about it
2011-02-27 20:17:41

He's pretty lucky to still have his foot.
2011-02-07 19:07:04

Great whit shark?? come on...
2010-08-28 08:14:36

its so nasty that i hate your website
2010-08-21 07:49:26

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