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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WarWWII → Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja

Zoja Anatolievna Kosmodemjanskaja ("Tanja") (13.09.1923 - 29.11.1941) - Soviet partisan and hero of World War 2. She was captured and hanged by German Nazi in Petrischevo village. Her corpse was left on the gallow for a whole week. Then German Nazi soldiers stabbed her frozen corpse with byonets just for "fun". Here you can see the stabbing wounds on her left breast.

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Zoja.she Was Hanged by the jerries .she
looks so beautiful
2020-12-23 14:49:26

She should wear earings or licks stick...She looks too much like my dementedn 3rd cousin..hugo valklimmer
2020-07-08 15:47:03

Zoya attacked the German cavalry horse barns and keptn all the horseshit for herself..hoarders must die..seil shitler..
2020-07-08 15:43:37

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2020-05-03 11:28:37

Horny Jesus
I'm gonna skullfuck Satan in hell,
destroy and rip apart his asshole.
2020-02-05 06:14:44

subhuman terrorist scum -not partisan...
2019-11-10 10:25:36

5. "The same circle who controlled
Sowjets" - USSR controlled by an
international team of people, not

6. "tried to stop brutality, because
it is not of german nature to behave
like this" - lol, Oskar Paul
Dirlewanger, Thirty Years' War,
Friedrich „Fritz“ Heinrich Karl
Haarmann, Peter Kürten, Massacre of
Verden, Sigurd from Volsunga Saga and
many-many other examples from history
- is of course "not of german
nature"... people are different -
every person.
2019-08-22 08:50:37

4. "Russian Partisans murdered a half
million german soldiers" - you came to
our land to kill us, to take away our
resources for ourselves, to take away
our territories, as Hitler himself
wrote in MK - and it’s strange that we
didn’t want to give our own, right?
And most importantly - the Reich did
not offer any alternative options or
contracts at all! - even collaborators
and former White Guards could not
agree on anything else - no one wanted
to listen to them. Even the politics
of the Second Reich was much more
literate and negotiable! "the Russians
planned to attack German Reich and
whole Europe" - Volume 1 of Mein Kampf
was published in _1925_ and Volume 2
in _1926_ - even at that time Hitler
wrote bluntly that he was going to
attack our territories - and talked
about this before.
2019-08-22 08:50:16

When the war broke out, at first some
were led to German propaganda about
"New Europe and New Russia as part of
New Europe", but then they realized
that the Nazis did not care about the
entire local population - they were
alive or dead. Almost any German of
any anthropological type was valued
many times higher than any Russian
Nordic man from the local - even if
this Nordic from hereditary anti-
Bolsheviks. This is the paradox of the
situation that the Nazis managed to
surpass even the Bolsheviks in their
cruelty to the local population.
2019-08-22 08:48:25

But then they quickly realized that
this was idiocy - then the Bolsheviks
decided to correct all this - the
concept of "building socialism in a
single country" appeared, Stalinism
appeared, and Lenin was simply
referred to by inertia, while ideology
was already very different from the
original Leninism. And about the
"world fire of revolution" Trotsky
continued to yell, while others
realized that this was unrealistic.
All this time the uprisings of the
people against Bolshevism continued,
both during the civil war and the
White Guard, and after - almost before
the war. And after that, Rosenberg
wrote something that supposedly
“Bolshevism is a true Russian
phenomenon” and other nonsense, wrote
about the dismemberment of Russia into
small states (Lenin wrote the same
thing!), wrote about “Russian
chauvinism” etc.
2019-08-22 08:48:01

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