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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WarWWII → Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja

Zoja Anatolievna Kosmodemjanskaja ("Tanja") (13.09.1923 - 29.11.1941) - Soviet partisan and hero of World War 2. She was captured and hanged by German Nazi in Petrischevo village. Her corpse was left on the gallow for a whole week. Then German Nazi soldiers stabbed her frozen corpse with byonets just for "fun". Here you can see the stabbing wounds on her left breast.

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*.*, you are stupid cunt. Go to school kid
2011-07-10 12:12:57

Russians and Germans are both cunts
2011-06-24 09:08:29

hate me all you don't bother me none.the bitch deserved it
2011-05-26 21:32:44

Osama Bin Laden
No rape
2011-05-03 05:07:19

Probably mild, compared to what the Russian soldiers did to German women, in Berlin.
2011-05-02 12:27:24

the communists, imperial japan and the allies committied war crimes worse than nazi germany... however their media was not owned by jews
2011-04-27 01:59:58

Жалею об одном, что мой дед со своими
боевыми друзьями не сравнял германию с
землёй, эту поганую страну надо было
выжечь на три метра под землю, чтоб
только пустошь осталась, вместе со всем
её ублюдочным народом!
2011-04-25 07:21:32

to: Borgyra = I hope U'll do the same before U die
2011-04-05 18:58:18

Kampfgruppe Peiper
see us in walhalla
2011-03-20 18:14:16

i hope she danced for the soldiers kicking and flinging gasping trying to breathe.hope she suffered greatly
2011-03-20 03:48:56

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