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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WarWWII → Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja

Zoja Anatolievna Kosmodemjanskaja ("Tanja") (13.09.1923 - 29.11.1941) - Soviet partisan and hero of World War 2. She was captured and hanged by German Nazi in Petrischevo village. Her corpse was left on the gallow for a whole week. Then German Nazi soldiers stabbed her frozen corpse with byonets just for "fun". Here you can see the stabbing wounds on her left breast.

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to: Borgyra = I hope U'll do the same before U die
2011-04-05 18:58:18

Kampfgruppe Peiper
see us in walhalla
2011-03-20 18:14:16

i hope she danced for the soldiers kicking and flinging gasping trying to breathe.hope she suffered greatly
2011-03-20 03:48:56

Why was she hung?
2011-03-11 18:21:36

I never heard of Zoja before, very brave and patriotic woman she was! The Nazi's got what they deserved in the end, much in part to people who were brave like this woman!
2011-02-27 11:50:45

I love to suck bad cock
2011-01-20 13:53:03

Why are you looking upwards at the sky , girl ? Try to look downwards, otherwise to-morrow uou'll have a stiff, painful neck.....It's a pity spoiling the advantage of being hanged !!!!
2011-01-12 16:41:00

nazis are bad, but what they did to jews is great )
2011-01-11 19:12:52

Nazis are some of the most sickening, evil and eternally damned species of human beings there have ever been!!!
2011-01-05 12:32:13

Bob Lott
No rhyme nor reason for such acts, those facts (AFTER) the hanging - and further, she was just a young woman doing her part to defend her Country. Yes, I can see executing "partisans" or enemies during war, but not to this end, mutilation and worse...
2011-01-04 07:21:46

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