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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WarWWII → Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja

Zoja Anatolievna Kosmodemjanskaja ("Tanja") (13.09.1923 - 29.11.1941) - Soviet partisan and hero of World War 2. She was captured and hanged by German Nazi in Petrischevo village. Her corpse was left on the gallow for a whole week. Then German Nazi soldiers stabbed her frozen corpse with byonets just for "fun". Here you can see the stabbing wounds on her left breast.

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to zdjęcie przedostatnie pochodzi z unit 731!!
2009-08-26 19:49:21

притом патриот.
2009-08-18 19:08:10

Пиздец... столько материалов с Российских порталов... создаётся впечатление, что админ данного ресурса - русский;=)
2009-07-27 00:21:50

2009-07-21 00:40:38

Men are sick, I think scientists should study testosterone more closely just to see why it causes some men go loopy.
2009-07-12 15:21:35

Elle a bien du gigoter au bout de la corde.genial hehe
2009-07-10 05:33:35

vellis drew
You know WAR IS WAR and partisans are "illegal"
War rules imply that only uniformed regular troops are involved. Ununiformed armed people regarded as criminals and cannot count on POW conditions.
2009-07-05 20:09:15

That's really disgraceful. There are the starving raptors everywhere that would enjoy food that is not pre-frozen for once. Russians...
2009-06-25 02:32:47

anthony parker, your a PIG! thats sick!
2009-06-23 13:25:33

Not only symbol but young girl, who sacrifice her life for USSR victory in WW2. Stalin begin his rule with horseplow and end with H-bomb & space ships. He win most dread and deadly war in history, and Zoya gave her little part to this great advance of soviet people.
2009-06-13 23:27:34

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