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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WarWWII → Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja

Zoja Anatolievna Kosmodemjanskaja ("Tanja") (13.09.1923 - 29.11.1941) - Soviet partisan and hero of World War 2. She was captured and hanged by German Nazi in Petrischevo village. Her corpse was left on the gallow for a whole week. Then German Nazi soldiers stabbed her frozen corpse with byonets just for "fun". Here you can see the stabbing wounds on her left breast.

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2012-05-07 17:11:52

20 million of russians died in this horrible war made by Germans. This poor woman was one of them. How terrible inhuman people can be.
2012-05-07 17:07:32

Just another dead Soviet. No loss
2012-04-29 02:13:36

The female population in Germany paid
the price for the Nazi "fun".

Is there really any difference between
Russians, Nazis, and dog shit? Same in
2012 as it was in 1945.
2012-04-11 14:44:30

Уебки хреновы
2012-04-07 13:26:47

Впоследствии был приказ Сталина не брать
в плен фашистов из этого подразделения
повесивших Зою Косодемьянскую,
впоследствии все эти немецкие садисты
исполнявшие казнь, при своей сдаче в
плен были расстреляны.
2012-03-20 11:23:37

he is crazy!!!
2012-03-17 19:25:26

death grip
man u sick lol
2012-03-13 21:02:12

These idiots don't know how to hang
people. Can't they pull her pants and
panties down around her ankles before
they hang her? Bet the bitch had a
decent lookin hairy pussy. I'd like to
have been suckin on her clit when they
kicked the box out from underneath her.
Gave her one last quick orgasm. If you
gotta die... die with a wet pussy.
2012-03-02 07:07:00

If a lady wants to play with the big boys in there wars and she wants to shoot at them well dont expect us to open the door for you and push your stool in for you.
2012-02-27 04:09:54

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