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Monday, November 17, 2008

Accident → Shark attack

All those males were attacked by the great white shark.

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is an exceptionally large shark found in coastal surface waters in all major oceans. In 2000, there were 79 shark attacks reported worldwide, 11 of them fatal. In 2005 and 2006 this number dropped to 61 and 62 respectively, while the number of fatalities dropped to only four per year. Of these attacks, the majority occurred in the United States (53 in 2000, 40 in 2005 and 38 in 2006). Humans, in any case, are not healthy for great white sharks to eat because the sharks' digestion is too slow to cope with the human body's high ratio of bone to muscle and fat. Accordingly, in most recorded attacks, great whites have broken off contact after the first bite. Fatalities are usually caused by loss of blood from the initial limb injury rather than from critical organ loss or from whole consumption.

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We are not slaves we haVE TO FIGHT AGANIST THIS
2013-05-03 07:10:36

저도 참 좋아하는데요
2013-04-13 02:37:29

Disagree with you Macenzie, you cannot say that there has never been a rouge shark. There are been many theories of rouge sharks (Jersey Shore 1916). Rouge sharks have not been proven or disproven to exist, so to say there has never been one is incorrect.
2013-03-26 17:44:04

sharks don't kill us they aren't rouge
there has never been a rouge shark
people kill sharks for food and money
that not are right sharks attack they
have a right to we are in there
territory if there was someone or
something in your area wouldn't u have
suspicions also
2013-03-02 00:07:31

shark kill us we kill them for food making
us as innocent as the sharks
2013-03-01 19:06:41

2013-03-01 16:42:28

서든어택인줄 알았네
hey foreighns , I'm from a korea.
you know what? here's first rank of FPS game that name is sudden attack.
Do not play that one. that have worst interface and tiny of maps
2013-02-14 03:19:04

omg... if that ever happened to me.. but
thats why i rarely get in the ocean and i
agree with "dont like the oceans" comment
2013-02-11 22:44:02

atong ihawon ning ihoa part
2013-01-25 07:33:26

2013-01-18 07:51:41

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