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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interesting → Ligature mark in suicidal hanging

Hanging is a common suicidal option. A ligature mark (patterned abrasion caused by ligature material) is an important finding in such cases.

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i never understood how some ppl want to die so badly, and others want to equally live so badly. a lot of those that want to live, will be taken away in untimely or tragic, needless deaths due to murder, disease, freak accidents. and those that are desperate to die will take their own life as they don't value the gift of life. if only things worked out in the true way to not upset the equilibrium. the same amount will die (those that seek it and crave it), and they will fall prey to foul play instead so they don't have to be suicides. if only things could work out that way. Life is a test and god is testing all of us
2009-02-06 01:01:10

true that
2009-02-01 10:10:47

dumbass people: "suicide is just another way to tell god, you cant fire me i quit!"
either its stupid and shows your lack of respect to gravity!!!
2009-01-28 01:49:44

а почему уши не феолетовые?
2009-01-25 10:19:20

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