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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brutality → At the Zoo...

Guess where it was...? In our lovely China!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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chinise r fucker..
2009-01-30 13:21:27

My Mate and i were looking at this photo and she said "i love polor bears!:D... no wait yuck its got a horse head.. thats fricken grosse!" :L:L:L:L
2009-01-26 17:37:29

Бас мечо бас!
2009-01-19 20:59:06

Казано на български звучи така:Мечос халяс шаро от грас!
2009-01-16 18:50:02

Мечос папани конска глава!Небойсе Мечос умрял кон не рита!Папани спокойно бате!
2009-01-16 18:46:29

Ouh yeah! The white bear rulez!
2009-01-11 21:30:48

Paul R Wilson
Is the bear smart enough to place the head on a mob don's bed ?
China even holds public executions. One tourist group was quite upset when at the moment they got off a train to take in the sights, an executioner chopped off some wretch's head ! THAT was a real conversation stopper ! If I were president, I'd threaten sanctions to MAKE the public executions stop !
2009-01-01 19:31:42

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