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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brutality → At the Zoo...

Guess where it was...? In our lovely China!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Its all food
People have been eating horse since the
dawn of man. Most animals that have been
domesticated are or have been a food
source at one time or other all over the
2012-04-04 09:34:45

Horse is delicious! Dont get why "china
food maybe?" says they eat horse in china,
horse is eaten most places in the world.
We own 8 horses, great pets but they taste
2012-02-06 18:03:29

china food maybe?
they eat horses in china. its a pit, really. horses are
such beautiful animals... hopefuly this is the head of a
horse that was killed for people to eat. the parts of the
body probably went to a market, and the head, that
nobody wants to eat, they gave to the bear.
2012-01-19 03:30:54

good photo opurtunity
2012-01-03 16:23:22

Goblin Ass
Didn't know polar bears had a taste for horse up in the arctic circle?
2011-12-28 13:41:10

What's the problem here?
They're just feeding the bear..... The
bear must have food, exactly like us human
beings, and it can't go to the store
shopping, now can it?
2011-12-15 09:29:34

crazy for being here
ok A it doesn't matter where it is.. B.
I think it's a good Idea to feed them
the way they would eat in the wild...
it's bad enough there on display in
small enclosures in big cities.. give a
bear a break...LOL
2011-12-06 11:57:48

china is next
you chinamen are over populated. i wish that tsunami would have went farther west, fuckin slant eyes...
2011-10-28 05:38:41

mmm.It looks delicious.I'd like to taste some.
2011-10-20 21:33:30

Where are the rest of the photos? How did the horse get in there?
2011-10-13 06:46:46

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