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Friday, December 12, 2008

Medical → Metastatic melanoma

Skin melanoma is the most malignant type of cancer. It usually begins in a mole. When there is distant metastasis (spread of cancer from one organ or part to another non-adjacent organ or part), the cancer is generally considered incurable. Some patients with metastatic melanoma do not have an obvious detectable primary tumor. The five year survival rate in metastatic melanoma is less than 10%.

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2009-03-28 16:02:54

Dave the Junkie
that guys gonna have an akward sex life, when he pulls down his pant to fuck the chick and she looks over she'll run and scream RAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!!
2009-03-13 06:10:35

2009-02-21 02:00:58

hmmm,ten si už asi nezatrtká tak skoro...ako vidím,má chyteného aj vrabčeka:D
2009-02-09 16:50:47

i think theres a problem here....
2009-02-05 09:03:52

small penis...
2009-02-03 23:03:58

imagine smoking his cock i know a couple of chap's who would MARV AND MAL!!
2009-01-30 15:38:57

ohhhhh yuk!!!
2009-01-13 04:42:21

WTF...thats awesomem/
2009-01-08 20:03:48

:O omg
2009-01-06 19:24:57

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