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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Accident → Fatal skydive accident

Amaizingly, the guy that had his legs cut off was actually the only one who survived.

Video: Download "fatal_skydive_accident.wmv"

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User noo, one of them died, so that's a fatal accident it says so at the end that Hose died by the time he landed.
2009-05-18 00:47:04

i bet hes pissed
2009-05-10 04:59:08

it wasnt fatal, they both lost limbs but survived..
2009-05-07 21:32:41

Dave the dammed
I wonder if some kid saw two legs fall out of the sky that day...that's probably one fucked up kid now
2009-03-13 06:06:06

going 100mph into a solid object can do that.
2009-02-20 08:02:31

how would one single arm cut off two legs?
2009-02-08 17:25:16

miss leg think ture story shit.
2009-01-18 18:34:39

Saw this on Spike TV. :D
2008-12-31 05:59:07

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