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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interesting → Garrote

A garrote is a handheld weapon, most often referring to a ligature of chain, rope, scarf, wire or fishing line used to strangle someone to death (while used in females garrote separates neck from a victim's head resulting in severing spinal cord and death). The term especially refers to an execution device but is sometimes used in assassination, because it can be completely silent. In addition, the garrote is used by some military units. Members of the French Foreign Legion are trained in its use.

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2009-06-18 14:00:46

le 2 tipe però sono 2 belle fighe....
2009-06-18 13:00:18

It was also the preferred form of execution in Spain and parts of Latin America up until relatively recently.
2009-05-14 08:28:43

2009-05-06 07:41:23

2009-05-06 07:41:00

j'ai put voir des femmes le film de 17
femmes menées a la potence pour etres pendues dans camp ss en 1943.montées marches potence, passage corde au cou
gros plans sur visages femmes roulant de gros yeux, et faisant non non avec la tete avant d'etres pendues héhé, puis elles gigotes au bout de la corde
héhé et tires la langue et se balances au bout de la corde
2009-05-04 15:00:22

2009-04-30 18:57:42

thats hot
2009-04-15 00:00:26

Looks quite staged to me.
2009-04-11 07:57:31

Luis E. Mariani.
I think if you stop taking that shit called VERCE. the quimic that alterate the nerve system and make the body ich so wont have to use that thing. and you will spend that time doing something, like learning how to comunnicate whit me, lerning how to cook and sell the food you can make money to live ,,,you know and shit like that.
nice day ingnorant.
form miami Luis E. Mariani.
2009-03-31 17:30:30

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