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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interesting → Garrote

A garrote is a handheld weapon, most often referring to a ligature of chain, rope, scarf, wire or fishing line used to strangle someone to death (while used in females garrote separates neck from a victim's head resulting in severing spinal cord and death). The term especially refers to an execution device but is sometimes used in assassination, because it can be completely silent. In addition, the garrote is used by some military units. Members of the French Foreign Legion are trained in its use.

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Motorhead. What do you want,real blood?
Yes? As long as it's not your,eh.
2010-09-09 00:37:50

fake porno shit
2010-09-02 22:41:28

these girls are models. They have not been harmed
2010-08-29 12:07:50

Mr. Jon
I believe these are Southwest airlines new seats, and dare I say twice as comfortable as before.
2010-05-19 10:54:45

Calm down
Ok i admit the two girls are not bad.. esp the Levi's one... but sometimes i wonder about you guys. do you troll this site for kicks?
2010-05-15 15:42:34

i wanna do them both....
2010-05-05 03:29:19

Noah's desendant
That is evil. Strangulation is not something that any civilized person would do except in self defense.
2010-05-04 09:37:20

numa numa guy
I wanna fuck the girl in the levis shirt so bad
2010-04-10 12:41:00

thats not a garrote though its not sealing off the wind pipe i might have it wrong but its a hand held weapon, you position yourself from behind and wrap it around the neck
2010-03-26 11:39:02

That blonde in the bottom picture is fucking hot. And look, she's all tied up. It's not rape if they can't resist.
2010-03-26 02:28:19

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