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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Murder → One more victim of a sadistic serial killer

One more victim of an unknown sadistic serial killer. Forensic-medical examination of the victim's body found signs of post-mortem sexual act with the corpse of that unhappy young woman. It happened this summer in Shanghai, China.

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guess we'r lucky we are pretty, huh? :P
2012-02-16 20:45:00

Jack the ripper
I would of made her look perfect
2012-02-16 00:15:29

Males have an equal role in reproduction, you
worthless piece of shit. And I am fully mentally
developed. My IQ is in the high average range. If
anything, you're not mentally developed with the
shitty fucking grammar you have. Once again, I
will state that women have not done anything
good for me. My parents were unmarried when I
was born, and I was teased in school for being a
bastard. That's yet another bad thing that women
are capable of doing, on top of all of the other
damage they cause. Now go kill yourself.
2012-02-13 04:03:08

There's nothing ok about even joking that to treat
any living thing with such disregard is ok, it's very
not ok.
2012-02-09 03:03:29

Tyler, let's start with Cary you in the whom for 9
months but Bering in mind you are obviously not
fuly mentally developed we will say at least 7
2012-02-09 02:58:57

@ryan mallari
You're fucking pathetic. What GOOD have women done
for me besides look pretty?
2012-02-06 02:39:51

Women are protected these days what with there mobile phones shoved so far up there asses 24/7 survailence cameras everywhere and all the little ((sexual harasment laws)) where i come from you even look at a women sideways in a nice way you can get done.And as a result women tend to be cockier arrogant and rude
2012-02-03 05:36:05

ryan mallari
please protect women
2012-02-01 21:00:05

just love china especially there girls. lovely tits.
2012-01-26 20:01:43

It's always more satisfying to crack open a cold one.
2012-01-13 06:16:24

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