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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Murder → One more victim of a sadistic serial killer

One more victim of an unknown sadistic serial killer. Forensic-medical examination of the victim's body found signs of post-mortem sexual act with the corpse of that unhappy young woman. It happened this summer in Shanghai, China.

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playson style
pra que isso s as mulhe tao ai dando pra
qualque um e so chega con grana e
carango bancando um poco
e elas s venden
"so fica sabendo q mulhe e tudo put mas
trabalho e onestidade tamben fazem parte
da luta" (mc fox)
2011-01-31 03:35:29

She's smiling.

Guess she liked it.
2011-01-23 19:23:15

Hope they catch this fuck
2011-01-19 22:17:51

Jeriko dick sucker
Jeriko is gay
2011-01-19 08:00:58

wow! good bitch!
2011-01-11 22:42:43

damn. this is why your mother told you to shave your crotch. now your dead and your hairy muff is all over the web! your not getting any after life cock. her vag is so hairy it's like she is shitty a wig.
2011-01-04 09:30:00

@nowayjohnny, there no such thing as a soul. just like god its a figment of your imagination
2010-12-17 22:37:27

tap a dead body
mmmmmm fresh meat! maybe a day or two more before shes good for fucking!
2010-12-16 11:25:00

these murders on this site is pure fucking
evil... im surprised anyboyd could do
something like this. they must have no
real soul
2010-12-04 06:13:24

Iron Fist
Rest in peace. Your spirit has been lifted away from the evil in this world.
2010-11-29 00:52:30

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