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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Murder → One more victim of a sadistic serial killer

One more victim of an unknown sadistic serial killer. Forensic-medical examination of the victim's body found signs of post-mortem sexual act with the corpse of that unhappy young woman. It happened this summer in Shanghai, China.

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Jessica Winfield
The world is very cruel toward trans gendered people.

I am a male to female transwoman. I underwent genital surgery in 2017. A lot of people have been very mean to me because of my gender identity. People are indeed very cruel towards transwomen.

I was imprisoned for raping young girls. I am very sorry for my crimes. In prison I was constantly bullied and sexually assaulted. I was the only trans prisoner in the cell block so you can just imagine my suffering. One of the female guards in a fit of range tore off my testicles. My cellmate cut off my penis with a homemade knife. At that point I was already virtually sex-changed. Finally in 2017 I was granted a state funded gender reassignment surgery to construct a proper vagina and I served the rest of my sentence in a women's prison.
2017-05-15 05:46:08

liberal gore
Damn, china has serial killers? You
learn something new all the time, I
2017-01-07 19:25:18

Yall are fuckin stupid, site overlord
Like for real yall have nothing better to
do then to say the same shit over and
over as different names nobody believes
that shit anyone can put any name up
2016-11-10 08:42:37

Yall are fucking stupid
Cock dick kill ass rape blah blah blah
yall are fucking stupid extract deez nuts
from your mouth you stupid fuckin faggots
2016-11-10 08:40:07

Richard Simek
I am still undescribably ashamed of myself for raping my mother in October 2012.

It was halloween night just over four years ago when I was wasted on meth & salvia(these drugs DO NOT mix). I raped my own mother by accident.

Meth and salvia do not mix!
2016-11-07 06:38:08

Registered Sex Offender
message to Bo Bendtsen:

Bo, yes you are the administrator but as of 2015 this site was absorbed by You are the admin but NOT the legal owner so do yourself a favor and stay out of my fucking way.

I have gained control of much of this site and still working.

message to the Viewer(specifically you):

By the time you finish reading this I will most likely have already extracted vital information from your computer. When I find you I guarantee you will suck my cock & you'd better suck it well.

You will suck my cock whether you like it or not!!
2016-09-08 11:11:18

switch on police plz
2016-07-23 17:17:28

Que buena esta la chinita muerta.Me gustaria pasar la lengua por todos los tajos de las cuchilladas y por su cuello degollado.Despues follarla mientras saboreo su boca muerta.Esta puta zorra me ha enamorado.Acabo de correrme imaginando como follaria su delicioso cadaver
2016-02-19 18:04:37

you migth be paying lot of money if you
tell us more who did it and you will be
saved of harm
2015-11-24 02:58:26

if you know who kill this women and
what else happen please let us know
cause the killer migth be at large and
kids himen unpaid any ways they plan
to make complot to murder inocent
women for hate and racism.let do the
same to them and their family
2015-11-24 02:57:42

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