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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bizarre → Do you like fisting?

Fisting is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or anus. Typically, fisting does not involve forcing the clenched fist into the vagina or anus. Instead, all five fingers are kept straight and held as close together as possible. Interestingly that over 1/3 of gays admit to fisting. This abberant sexual activity may also cause death.

The last image is Michelangelo's Punishment of sodomy. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

Research Paper: Fain D.B., McCormick G.M. Vaginal "fisting" as a cause of death. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 1989;10:73-75

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This is a video of me and my sister. That's how
we roll in eastern europe. I all
So suck cock
2011-01-19 09:43:03

it is... very dirty..;_;
2011-01-09 08:01:02

i would love to find a guy i could trust to fist my white ass lol
2010-12-08 17:54:14

And this is why they make enemas. lol. That's so gross. At least if you're going to do it...clean the pipes first.
2010-12-06 16:26:26

Eww, although i wouldn't mind seeing her fisted to his elbow
2010-11-28 10:23:24

I wonder how far inside you could reach...or whether you would get snagged on her intestines....
2010-11-26 11:46:01

2010-11-17 20:28:59

umm.... no
eww my god..
that whole picture looks like a fucking disease. how in the world could shit turn you on !!!??!! blurrrrrr!!!!
2010-11-07 15:37:14

thats hot ..who's the lucky guy that got to lick her butt clean after mmn.
2010-10-26 06:05:54

how sick!
2010-10-16 05:38:41

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