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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fake → Execution by hanging of the young girl by Nazi

Hanging was always preferred by Nazi for young girls who were viewed as terrorists by the Germans. But fortunately, this girl did not die by hanging. Why? Because that image is a well-done FAKE!

Some people are having fun with making good quality fake images of gruesome events. We are going to put some of them on our website to make it clear.

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The colour image is the fake one.
2009-10-07 18:34:27

wow nice rusian chick,i want fuck your chick baby
2009-10-01 19:54:24

A good fake possibly but she represents a whole lot of innocent grandmothers missing from our world.
2009-07-08 23:49:55

Its obvious thats a fake.
2009-06-22 19:17:47

that's a good fake!!
2009-05-06 21:08:27

Nice titts
2009-04-07 18:09:30

The image of nazi soldier, on the left, is a classic photo of Second Worl War. But it is a very good fake.
2009-03-29 12:55:58

Another excellent fake. There are some very nice ones
on this site. Good work!
2009-01-07 03:56:14

it cool by txt cumin to make up too me vu
2009-01-06 10:23:54

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